RW Carbon BMW E90 3 Series Gloss Black Grilles

  • Model: bmwe900323
  • Manufactured by: RW Carbon
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Upgrade your factory chrome grilles with these new sleek BMW E90 Gloss Black Kidney Grilles. No matter the color of your 2006-2008 E90 Sedan these gloss black grilles will look great. These grilles feature high quality ABS plastic construction that will not chip from road debris. The BMW E90 Gloss Black Kidney Grilles are 100% plug and play meaning you do not need to purchase any other parts for installation. Installation can be done by any enthusiast in a mater of minutes. Whether you're looking to finish the look of your E90, or just get it started, these gloss black grilles make the perfect addition. Get fast shipment and a high quality piece when you order your BMW E90 Gloss Black Grilles from RW Carbon.

E90 Gloss Black Grille Features

High quality gloss black ABS construction
Guaranteed perfect fitment
Easy, plug and play installation
Will not chip or fade over time
Sleek new front end exterior appearance


2006-2008 BMW E90 3 Series (325i, 328i, 330i, 335i)


Pre heat the tabs inside the grilles by letting the car sit in the sun or using a heat gun. Once the old grilles are warm press on the tabs and gently pull the grille out. Once both sides are out you can install the new ones by lining up the tabs and pushing firmly until they click into place.