FIBER NATION Carbon Accented Fiberglass Hood GTR-Style 2008-2012 BMW 1 Series E82

  • Model: HD0809BMWE822D-GTR-PC
  • Manufactured by: Fiber Nation
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It is finally here!! FIBER NATION, made by SEIBON Carbon. Want the carbon fiber look, but a little bit more on the subtle side? The new partial carbon products are the right choice for you! The most prominent features are made with carbon fiber, and the rest are sturdy, premium fiberglass.


Direct replacement to factory hood
One-piece lightweight fiberglass construction grants stability without sacrificing strength
Hood is unprimed; prep and paint is recommended [please test fit product prior to prepping]
Non-functional hood vents
Louvers are closed and for cosmetic appearance
Can be detached from the bolts from under the hood
Made of carbon fiber
Holes for wiper sprayers present
Indentation for emblem placement
Requires transferring over latch from stock hood
GTR-style design