STETT Performance Nitrous Elbow BMW N54 N55 135i 335i

  • Model: SPEN54NELB
  • Manufactured by: Stett Performance
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REQUIRES THE USE OF OUR CHARGE PIPE OR OTHER SIMILAR CHARGE PIPE ON CARS WITH 1 PIECE FACTORY CHARGE PIPES. We developed this nifty part to provide a proper mounting point for a nitrous nozzle on your N54 or N55 135i/335i. It goes in place of the factory rubber intercooler to charge pipe coupler (if running your factory chargepipe) or the silicone coupler included with our famous BOV or dual DV chargepipes. If you are running our charge pipe and using the bungs in it for your single or dual nozzle meth kit then you will want to add this nitrous elbow in order to mount your nitrous nozzle, because it is not ideal to mount the nitrous close to the meth. This elbow is not ideal for use with meth as it positions the nozzle too far from the throttle body which is not best for optimum meth performance. Unlike other products on the market, our nitrous elbow has only one bung instead of two crammed next to each other. Putting two nozzles that close together will not allow for proper atomization and can lead to lean/rich conditions or damaging backfires. Like with all of our other products we didn't scrimp on quality, every component is heavy duty including the stainless bung, stainless t-bolt clamps, heavy duty 4 ply silicone hoses and deep gloss black powder coating.

-Hand made in the USA from 304 stainless not aluminum which retains heat
-Single bung design (instead of two which can cause puddling, lean/rich conditions or backfires)
-Heavy duty 4 ply silicone hose couplers (no weak China pieces)
-Heavy duty stainless t-bolt clamps (not flimsy worm clamps)
-Beautiful deep gloss black powder coat finish