EBC Rear Sport Rotors BMW 135i 2008 - 2013

  • Model: GD1647
  • Manufactured by: EBC
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Product Features:

Direct Replacement for Worn Out OEM Rotors
Precision Bored Dimples Vent Pad Gases & Protect Against Brake Fade
Dimpled Rotors Help Prevent Rotor Cracks Unlike Cross-Drilled Rotors
Wide Slots help Push Out Hot Gases Helping to Keep Heat to a Minimum
Slots & Dimples help Promote Even Pad Wear
Made from High Quality Grey Iron
Sold In Front & Rear Pairs
12 Month/ 10,000 Mile EBC Factory Warranty
EBC Sport Rotors are sold as Front & Rear Pairs.

Product Description:

As soon as your foot hits the brake pedal the friction of the pad and rotor immediately create heat, and high brake temperatures can affect brake performance. EBC Sport Rotors can help keep those brake temperatures down. EBC Sport Rotors incorporate wide slots in the brakes design that pushes out hot gases and act like a fan to pull in cooler air. The slots in the EBC Sport Rotors also keep the braking surface clear of dust and debris for maximum pad life and performance.

EBC Sport RotorsEBC Sport Rotors have precision bored dimples that help vent hot gases cause by breaking and also aid in the prevention of dreaded brake fade. EBC Sport Rotors precision bored dimples also help with brake rotor integrity they are resistant to cracking unlike many cross-drilled rotors that are prone to cracking under intense braking. EBC Sport Rotors are also gold or black anodized zinc coated for exceptional rust and corrosion protection which will keep your brake rotors looking great.