CP-E QuickPower Mid Pipe with Catalytic Convertors BMW N54 N55 135i

  • Model: B135IQPTPC-CAT
  • Manufactured by: CP-E
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The stock exhaust system on the BMW 135i leaves a lot of room for improvement. It does a good job at suppressing exhaust noise, but also corks what is otherwise a wonderful sound. cp-e? has designed a two part system, the QuickPower? and the Austenite? Cat Back system, to get the most out of your 135i.

We improved upon the factory system, with our QuickPower?, by enlarging the mid-pipes by approximately 0.25? to accommodate increased turbocharger duty. The single resonator cross-over is replaced with our optional dual 8-inch hybrid mufflers, or you can option out these mufflers for the least restriction possible. We believe that the cp-e? QuickPower? provides the perfect blend of performance and sound without any of the drawbacks from which most aftermarket exhausts typically suffer.

The cp-e? QuickPower? replaces the middle section, which includes the pipes from the downpipes to the axle. Or opt to replace everything from the downpipe back, which includes our Austenite? Cat Back Exhaust. No matter which options you choose, the cp-e? 135i exhaust is a 100% bolt-in system that requires no cutting, grinding, or welding. Welcome to the product of serious engineering.

The cp-e? QuickPower will come complete with step by step instructions and all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation.

This version comes with two spun metallic catalytic converters